STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Featurette Goes Behind The Scenes of Crait

Go behind the scenes of The Last Jedi’s Crait in this interesting featurette!

How did the masterminds behind The Last Jedi create the visually stunning battle on Crait? The complicated, beautiful sequence in the film required an intense amount of behind-the-scenes brilliance, and this feature released by #JediDay promotion takes fans through its creation.

Check it out!

When SlashFilm interviewed special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, he further described how complicated the process was:

[Rian] tried to get us to do as much as we possibly could practically. One of the things he was very specific about was the red explosions on Crait. It’s something I thought was going to be easy to do, but he was very specific about the look and wanted it to look like crystals going up in the air. We did lots of tests with red dust. We dyed ice red. We dyed water red. None of them were right. In the end, we got a company to specifically make us some red paper granules up, and each explosion we filled this great big steel pot of them up with all this red paper, and we soaked it all in water, and that finally gave us the look that Rian was looking for. He was very specific.

Download Star Wars: The Last Jedi on March 13.



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