STAR WARS: Updated Millennium Falcon Makes The Cover of ‘Fortune’

Han Solo’s infamous Millennium Falcon is the focal point of Fortune Magazine’s latest issue.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming STAR WARS sequels, but nothing seems to awaken your inner fangirl or fanboys quite so much as the sight of the stellar Millennium Falcon. Now we can feast our eyes on the latest version of the universe’s favorite spacecraft thanks to Fortune Magazine!

The cover features Disney CEO Bob Iger (who discusses the successful use of special effects in Disney’s many properties, including Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar) with a skeletal rendering of the Millennium Falcon in the background:


The updated design was one of six created for the issue by Lucasfilm’s special effects department, Industrial Light and Magic. It should be noted that the only major “update” featured seems to be the replacement of the satellite shot off during RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Still, it’s nice to see that the infamous rogue ship is on its way back to the big screen!


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