Stars Tease New Details for ONCE UPON A TIME Season 7

Hook’s on the right side of the law? Regina’s wearing jeans? Their actors revealed these fun new details and more today.

Once Upon a Time stars Lana Parrilla and Colin O’Donoghue teased new details for their characters for the show’s seventh season. The new season will open in Seattle, with the characters under yet another curse. This time, fans can expect to hardly recognize the new iterations of Hook and Regina.

The question that’s on every fan’s mind is that of how Emma Swan’s absence will be explained. As both the former primary protagonist and Hook’s love interest, there has to be some explanation – and executive producer Edward Kitsis promises that it will be explained in the second episode. (The absence of Belle in Rumplestilskin’s life will be explained in the Rumple-centric fourth episode.) O’Donoghue had some further details about Hook’s new cursed self.

He is a uniformed cop in Seattle. There’s a sense of loss there in the guy and he just doesn’t know what it is that’s missing. So he’s striving to find who he is still, yet trying to be the best uniformed cop that he can be and do things the right way. As is always the case on Once Upon a Time, it’s more complicated than that.

stars reveal new details

However, fans might be more interested in the change in Regina – as in, she might not be called Regina! Parrilla shares,

I don’t think her name’s Regina and that’s cool. I’m no longer in pant suits, I’m in denim and rock t-shirts. When we meet her, she’s working in a bar. She’s a bar owner. She’s a little rough around the edges, not quite the queen that we’re used to. She has curly hair. She looks very different, she feels different. This one is like, ‘Her name’s not even Regina!’

She’s no longer in charge and we’ve always seen Regina in charge or try to be in charge, try to be in control, try to manipulate, and then she redeemed herself. But this Regina is something else and I’m having a blast playing her. I’m still discovering her. … It kind of feels like the pilot.

Things will be very different this season, but both producers and actors are maintaining that this is a good thing. Kitsis revealed that the idea for a reboot began during the fourth season, and a six-season arc for the original characters was the original plan. O’Donoghue added, “I do have to say, the episodes [up to four]that we’ve read are, in all honesty, the best that I’ve read in any season so far. One of the episodes, I think, might be one of the best of any show I’ve [read]. It’s really, really fantastic.”

What do you think of these new details? Are you looking forward to Season 7 as much as the producers and actors are?


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