Stef Dawson Talks About Auditioning for the Role of Annie Cresta

An interview The Canberra Times conducted with Stef Dawson–who recently landed the role of Annie Cresta in both Mockingjay films–has surfaced where she discusses auditioning for the role and talks a little about Annie in general.


On her audition for the role of Annie:

The former Canberra Girls Grammar School and Radford College student auditioned only three weeks ago for the part of Annie Cresta in the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2 films.

“I did one audition and that was enough. Apparently, they were blown away, they didn’t have to see any more,” she said.

And here’s what Stef had to say about Annie, the character, and how they are similar:

She is ready for The Hunger Games ride.

“I’ve been a fan of the books even before they were made into films. I love the message [author] Suzanne Collins is saying in them,” she said.

“Probably how people can turn on each other and become their worst enemies, when it’s those around you, you really need to survive. I think love is a big thing for my character Annie, she wouldn’t survive without love, she’s at breaking point.”

Dawson said she would bring definite attributes to the role of Annie Cresta, a victor from District 4 and the love interest of Finnick, played by British actor Sam Claflin.

“I think I have a fragility and a vulnerability,” she said.

“I think she’s a a girl that has been through some stuff, she’s had some really hard experiences in her life which I have as well. Annie is also a survivor.

The complete interview provides some insight into Dawson’s background, so we recommend you give it a read, which you can do by clicking here!