Stephanie Leigh Schlund Talks Cashmere with Hydrogen Magazine

Stephanie Leigh Schlund (Cashmere) recently sat down with Hydrogen Magazine and talks a little about her Catching Fire character.

HM: Let’s talk about The Hunger-Games: Catching Fire. First of all, what does it feel like being
caught in the eye of this crazy storm, with the fans and the huge success of the film?

SLS: It’s been a wild ride! When I got the role, I had to keep it my little secret until I was announced but nothing could have prepared me for this. It’s been my life for last year solid but honestly, our fan base is amazing. They are so sweet and warm and it’s been such a blessing.

HM: You play Tribute ‘Cashmere’ from District 1. And Cashmere and her brother Gloss (Alan Ritchson) battle Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson’s characters for the title in the 74th Annual Hunger-Games Quarter Quell. Tell me all about Cashmere.

SLS: Cashmere is a mass manipulator who uses her -beauty to get what she wants. She is from District 1 and has been trained from birth to fight, and she is also a natural born killer, so, kind of a double dose. She fears little and that confidence may get best of her. It was great working with Jennifer [Lawrence] one on one. She is Cashmere’s nemesis because Katniss is winning hearts and Cashmere is trying to do the same as she needs votes to stay in the game.

HM: Do you see any of yourself in Cashmere?

SLS: I wouldn’t have very many friends if I did [laughs]! I can relate on a fashion level, but that’s about it!

HM: Most unexpected moment while shooting The Hunger Games: Catching Fire…

SLS: Do you know what it’s like to stare at the back end of a horse for three days [laughs]?


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