Stephen Amell Promotes ARROW On WWE RAW, Commits To Match

Stephen Amell takes ARROW’s new tough guy approach to the WWE.

When Stephen Amell isn’t busy filming Season 4 of Arrow, you’ll probably find him practicing his WWE-style moves.

Less than a month after joking about feeling like a WWE star while hyping up the crowd in his Green Arrow costume at San Diego Comic-Con, Arrow star Stephen Amell found himself in the middle of the main event!

The actor appeared on the WWE’s Monday Night Raw last night, where he was called out mid-match by a wrestler named Stardust. The confrontation turned into a bit of a scuffle and next thing you know, Amell agreed to take part in a full-fledged tag team wrestling match in just two weeks! He’ll be partnered with his “Red Arrow”, a wrestler named Neville.

Stephen Amell has previously discussed being a huge wrestling fan, often taking a moment to meet with the stars when they’re at the same conventions he attends.

SummerSlam is happening on August 23, 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. The broadcast is paid programming, however, so you may want to wait for the highlights reel.

Arrow filming is currently underway in Toronto.


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