Steven Moffat Discusses Missy’s Return in DOCTOR WHO Season 9

Steven Moffat talks Peter Capaldi’s evolution and Missy’s return in next season of Doctor Who

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Steven Moffat gave a tiny bit of insight into Michelle Gomez’s return to the show playing Missy, aka The Master.  While he was unwilling to divulge much, he did remark that it is “quite fun” to explore the relationship between The Doctor and his best friend, who is a “murdering psychopath!” We have to agree, The Doctor and The Master do in fact have a unique, and at times, entertaining relationship.  Michelle Gomez does bring a certain flare to the role, don’t you think?

Check out the video where Moffat chats about some other aspects of the season such as Peter Capaldi owning the role completely now that his rookie season is over.

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