Steven Moffat Discusses That Crushing Moment In DOCTOR WHO’s ‘Face The Raven’

DOCTOR WHO showrunner talks The Doctor, his companions, and fate in new ‘Face The Raven’!

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 10, ‘Face The Raven’.

So long, Clara Oswald. In trying to save The Doctor’s ally, Rigsy, by taking on the burden of his death sentence while believing to be invincible, Clara mistakenly seals her own death. She is murdered by the Shade in the form of a raven, just after pleading with The Doctor to move on peacefully from this incident.

In case you feel like tearing up again today, here are the key scenes:

Clara’s death doesn’t come as a total shock, as Jenna Coleman previously confirmed that she would be leaving the show before the end of the season. The announcement came after she’d already filmed these final scenes.

In a special featurette, Steven Moffat talks about what Clara’s fate says about The Doctor’s companions, the ambiguity of blame for her death, and what it will all mean for The Doctor going forward!

Jenna Coleman is also getting a bit sentimental, talking about her special relationship with Peter Capaldi.

Doctor Who continues with two more episodes this year, ‘Heaven Sent’ and ‘Hell Bent’.

face the raven

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