Steven Moffat: DOCTOR WHO Will Air For At Least Five More Years

DOCTOR WHO has been guaranteed five more years on air with the BBC, according to executive producer Steven Moffat!

DOCTOR WHO had been quite successful in recent years, but you never know when a show might lose favor with its broadcaster. Unexpected cancellations happen regularly enough that most of us know to be anxious when it’s time for renewal. However, executive producer Steven Moffat confirms that DOCTOR WHO fans don’t have anything to fear! Due to steady ratings in the UK and a larger international audience than ever, the BBC and Moffat are ironing out a plan for five more years of the show!

“I thought it would last ten years. I didn’t think it would last ten years with BBC Worldwide trying to get me in a room to talk about their plan for the next five years! So it’s going to do a minimum of 15. I mean, it could do 26! That’s not to say it’s easy. It’s not easy to find new people. It’s not easy to find new Doctors. That could be the danger – that you start to think that it’s easy. There’s nothing easy about doing Doctor Who.”

Why plan the overall arc for the next five seasons this far in advance? Ben Stephenson of BBC says keeping things original and fresh is key to the historic show’s long-term survival:

You can’t take shows like Doctor Who for granted. The minute you take them for granted, they’re dead. You’ve got to constantly approach it like it’s a new thing rather than go, ‘That always works, we’ll keep going with that.’ That would be a sure and certain death.

We’re thrilled for five more years of Doctors, companions, enemies, and specials to come!