Steven Moffat on SHERLOCK: Season 4 Plan Is “Devastating”

After SHERLOCK won three Emmy awards last night (Best Actor, Supporting Actor, and Writing for a Miniseries), writer/director Steven Moffat talked about the plan to take the show in a darker directon for Season 4 and how the reveal shocked the cast!

Sherlock series 3

Despite Season 3 being its most successful, Moffat said…

“We have a plan to top it. And I do think our plan is devastating. We’ve practically reduced our cast to tears telling them the plan … we’re probably more excited that we’ve ever been about Sherlock.”

While Moffat admits that he avoids commentary on social sites like Tumblr for fear of coming upon enraged reactions from fans, he’s confident about the plan for the next season:

“We’re going to try to take it somewhere we’ve never been before — and I don’t mean outer space. It will be challenging place to go. We always start with a re-introduction that builds toward a darker climax — we might just be going darker [from the outset]. We got a very, very good set of ideas.”


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