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STRANGER THINGS Confirms Season 2 Premiere Date With Poster And Teaser

The sky opens up into a world of terror in the new STRANGER THINGS teases!

When the first Stranger Things Season 2 trailer was released, we learned that Halloween would be the central theme for the show’s return: Season 2 begins on Halloween one year after the Season 1 finale, and the show itself would air sometime around Halloween. Still, we didn’t get an official release date.

Now, the show has announced its big premiere date: Friday, October 27, 2017. You may want to take the day off and just start binging, because goodness knows the rest of the Internet will.

The announcement came via a super creepy new poster released by Variety that features Luke, Dustin, Mike, and Will watching an ominous creature form in the middle of a lightning storm just above their hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. The official Twitter also released a short teaser promising that “1984 only gets stranger”. Check them both out below.

Season 2 picks up about a year after the first season and follows the group as they begin to experience strange new phenomena just as they start to move on from events of Season 1.

Is it October yet?

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