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STRANGER THINGS Announces 2019 Release Date With A Bang

New year, new STRANGER THINGS Season 3 info!

As the fireworks light off in celebration of the new year, Stranger Things lit up the Internet with some sparks of its own!

It all started with a video of a faux classic 80s broadcast of the New Years Eve celebrations, complete with a ball actually shaped like a big apple, interrupted by cryptic transmissions. Slowly, the camera turns and when the fireworks start, we’re all in the upside down. In the end, an old school computer message reveals the release date.

Watch the reveal video at the top of the post.

The show also revealed the first Season 3 poster, which shows the Hawkins kids on a hill over the town, watching the Fourth of July fireworks. Well, at least most of them are. In the center of the poster, Mike looks at Eleven while she looks backward into the unknown ominously. The chills run even deeper when you realize that on her left, Will sees what she’s looking at too.

Get ready to explore more of Stranger Things when Season 3 drops on Netflix on July 4, 2019!

By Kait

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