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STRANGER THINGS Releases Season 3 Episode Titles

Episode titles hint at STRANGER THINGS to come!

Stranger Things may not be returning to Netflix until 2019, but they’ve been sharing some teasers along the way to keep fans from getting too antsy. Recently, the show dropped its biggest bit of Season 3 news yet: The titles for all eight episodes!

Check them out in the video below and be prepared to start theorizing:

Can’t watch the video? Here are the titles:

  • “Suzie, do you copy?”
  • “The Mall Rats”
  • “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard”
  • “The Sauna Test”
  • “The Source”
  • “The Birthday”
  • “The Bite”
  • “The Battle of Star Court”

The finale title refers to Star Court Mall, the new hangout spot in Hawkins, Indiana introduced in a hilarious 80s-style commercial featuring Steve (Joe Keery) and new character Robin (Maya Hawke). That’s the most obvious title of the bunch. While others like “The Birthday” and “The Bite” clearly have an event behind them, they don’t give away much.

Look out for theories and get ready for Stranger Things Season 3 in 2019!

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