Suggestion Saturday: PARTIALS by Dan Wells

You’re a big fan of Delirium and Pandemonium, but you need something else to dig into in that one year gap before Requiem! So what comes next? We suggest PARTIALS by Dan Wells, who traveled along with Lauren Oliver on the Dark Days Tour earlier this Spring!

Partials by Dan Wells
Partials by Dan Wells

Finally, there’s some solid science fiction making its way into Young Adult literature! There’s been a strong science fiction following for ages, but very few books have successfully combined that geeky guilty pleasure into YA. Thankfully, Dan Wells released PARTIALS on February 28 and provided us with a story that satisfies our cravings for science fiction in a fine-tuned YA novel!

Kira is a 16-year-old medic living on Long Island, where the remainder of the human population lives after a deadly virus called RM has destroyed 99.996% of our kind. The virus was released by the Partials, human/machine crossbreeds created by the company ParaGen to fight America’s wars before they eventually turned on their own creators. Since the release of RM, not a single newborn has survived more than a few days after its birth. This is leads Kira’s society to the brink of chaos, where personal rights are often threatened for the good of society.

Kira thinks she may know a way to cure RM in newborns once and for all, but doing so will not be easy. Is she willing to risk it all for the chance to save human existence?

PARTIALS is a smart, action-packed thriller filled with suspense, political drama, romance, friendship, shocking twists, and an intellectual cherry on top.

We were lucky enough to interview Dan Wells about PARTIALS, complete with Star Trek references and the best inside joke ever.

We love the use of science in PARTIALS. Were you ever given any flack from people who worried younger audiences wouldn’t care for that element of the story?
Never, which is great. The publisher, and my agent and editors, were behind the idea from the beginning; they were actually excited that I was making it so much more science-y than a lot of other YA books out there. And the response from readers has been excellent: people who aren’t as interested in the science still like the book for the story and the characters. We really tried hard to make sure there was something for everyone.

Were any of your characters based off a popular icon or someone you know?

There are two minor characters in the Manhattan sequence of the book named Nick and Steve–or Skinny and Scruffy, as Kira calls them. Nick and Steve are friends of mine, and I put them into every book I write: Steve always lives and Nick always dies. I don’t know why, it just amuses me.


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