SUICIDE SQUAD signs up actor and rapper Common for undisclosed role

SUICIDE SQUAD signs up actor/rapper Common for undisclosed role

Suicide Squad is weighing heavily on every DC fan’s mind, as we continue to eagerly soak up every bit of information we can, including those precious tweets from those behind and in front of the camera, especially those of Jared Leto, who seems to play out his Joker-ish role more and more on stage during his band’s concerts (he’s the lead singer for 30 Seconds to Mars, in case you were wondering.)  Now we can add actor and rapper Common to those involved in the movie who may also tease us with his owns tweets about his participation.

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Alas, we do not know exactly what his role will be in Suicide Squad, but I’m sure you’re already trying to take a guess as to who Lonnie Rashid Lynn (his real name) will play.  Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough.  For now, just keep on guessing, if you must.

Actor and rapper Common to join Suicide Squad



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