Sunday’s QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS Snippet Spells Trouble for Mark Blackthorn

We’re not sure what this QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS snippet is going, but it doesn’t look good for Mark.

Okay, we know that these snippets can lead us to think of multiple scenarios and reasons, but when anything includes the trio that is Mark, Kieran, and Cristina, people’s minds just blow up. We’re sure a lot of you can agree with us on that as you read this Queen of Air and Darkness snippet that was released Sunday afternoon.

“Mark!” Kieran said again, and this time the catch in his voice was alarm. He ran toward Mark, drawing Cristina after him, his hand in hers. They stumbled together into the center of the clearing just as a contingent of faerie guards burst into the clearing, their torches blazing like banners against the night.

With them was Manuel Villalobos.

It seems to be that Mark is at some place to meet someone, possibly, and Kieran and Cristina arrive there to warn or help him. Why Kieran and Cristina are holding hands…well, we’re just not going to try to guess.


We also can’t ignore the fact that Manuel Villalobos makes an appearance in this scene, which we’re not sure why. We know he’s part of the Cohort run by Horace Dearborn and his daughter, Zara, but that’s he’s also not actually a believer in their cause.

There’s really not enough information in this little snippet to figure out if he’s there of his own accord or if he’s there by force.

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