Superfan creates chocolate maze for home release of THE MAZE RUNNER

Doug Armstrong creates chocolate maze

The Maze Runner movie inspires awesome chocolate maze

Vlogger, foodie, and fan Doug Armstrong wanted to create something “big and impressive” out of food, but couldn’t come up with an idea of what to make.  Only when he saw the movie The Maze Runner did he realize that creating a chocolate maze was right up his alley.

So, with the help of food artist Prudence Stait, who was referred to Doug by the creators of the movie, they set off in creating this chocolate masterpiece!

I honestly don’t know how he was able to complete it and not eat the maze right away, but at least he was able to hold off long enough to create this video.

The undertaking took about 56 hours total to create, and the whole replica is said to contain 88,877 calories.  I wouldn’t doubt it if there was an additional 88,877 calories eaten during the making of the chocolate maze.  With all that chocolate and the scent of chocolate around I wouldn’t blame him for testing out some of those chocolate fingers.

Doug Armstrong and Prudence Stait create chocolate maze