SUPERGIRL 01.09 Recap – ‘Blood Bonds’

Supergirl finds out what “Blood Bonds” mean to her and her aunt, while Jimmy tries to find out what Max is up to

Last night’s episode of Supergirl opened up with recapping about the last episode, ‘Hostile Takeover’. In the last episode it left us on a cliffhanger. Multiple things happened in the last episode which led to this episode. General Astra was taken into custody, Cat Grant figuring out Supergirl’s identity, and Non and his men attacking Maxwell Lord’s company. Before ending the last episode it showed us that Supergirl/Kara and Non started to fight which leads us to a cliffhanger and where “Blood Bonds” starts.

Non and Kara have taken there fight to the air and there they are briefly interrupted by a plane that blows past them, which leads them to wrestle, and crash to Earth outside of Lord Technologies. Non starts to get the upper hand, but when Henshaw comes to Kara’s rescue, Non grabs him and flies off, which leads to having Alex in charge.

Inside Lord Technologies, the DEO start to secure the building but Max tells them to stay away from his property and to kick them out. When Alex tries to ask Max what the aliens were wanting from him, Max responds by kicking them out and telling them to ask their alien, meaning Supergirl. We all know something is suspicious but we don’t learn more about it until later on in the episode.

At the DEO, Alex has become the director until they can get Henshaw back. To figure out why Non took Henshaw, Kara goes to interrogate Astra. Kara evens threatens contacting Superman to come, but Astra knows that Kara won’t do it. Astra knows that Kara is compromised with her feelings about her mother, Alura. Astra then says to Kara that she ordered Non to spare Kara, “because blood bonds us all.” Kara and Astra argue and, Kara in the end says that Astra is in that cell because of her own doing. Astra now knows that Kara has chosen a side.

It flashes back to Krypton a year before there destruction and shows us that Alura makes a “blood bonds us all” speech but still sentences Astra and Non to the Phantom Zone.

Back at CatCo, Kara starts to tell Jimmy and Winn about what happened at Lord Technologies. Jimmy offers to look around but before Kara can say anything she hears Cat coming up. She panics and tells them that Cat thinks that she is Supergirl. Kara is freaking out and tries to heat Cat’s latte with her heat vision but spills it instead. Jimmy gives her a mug with coffee instead and then Kara rushes out to give it to Cat. In a rush Kara forgets her glasses and Jimmy has to run and give them back to Kara.

Cat comes in and starts to look at Kara suspiciously and questions her about why she’s still playing normal. Kara makes a joke but Cat is not convinced.

Kara goes back to the DEO where she brings food for Alex from her favorite food truck in Chicago because she knows that when Alex is stressed she doesn’t eat. This proves that Kara loves her sister and in my opinion that is really sweet. Anyways before Alex and eat the food the DEO receive a message from Non proposing a trade. Henshaw for Astra. Non gives them 48 hours or else he will kill Henshaw.

Now that the DEO knows what Non wants, General Samuel Lane has taken control over the DEO until Henshaw is in command again. General Lane receives permission from the president which leads to Alex having no control over the DEO.

SuperGirl General Lane

At Lord Technologies, Jimmy is taking pictures of the crater made by Supergirl and Non where Max confronts him about the pictures he’s taking. Jimmy and Max start to talk about security but soon Jimmy is escorted off Max’s property, making people even more suspicious about Max.

Back at CatCo, Cat has been doing her own research about Kara which leads her give a quiz about Kara’s own life. Kara answers them but it makes Cat even more convinced that Kara is Supergirl.

At Non’s headquarters, a mind-reader attempts to read Henshaw’s mind but isn’t able to get any information or get in his mind. Non, angry and wanting to intimidate Henshaw, he snaps the mind-readers neck effectively killing him.

SuperGirl Mind Reading

Back at the DEO headquarters, General Lane starts to interrogate Astra. He says that since by Kryptonian standards, he is a man of honor and that he takes no pleasure in what comes next. His men bring in a syringe full of Kryptonite which leads to General Lane torturing Astra to get information. Meanwhile Kara got a call from Alex telling her to come to the DEO which then leads to the moment where Kara tries to stop General Lane and his men. However from the Kryptonite in the air it makes Kara weak and to stop herself from getting hurt Alex has to drag a screaming Kara out of the room.

At CatCo yet again, Kara goes to ask Jimmy if he learned anything at Lord’s but gets interrupted by Cat who calls for Kara. Winn however knows that Jimmy is lying. Jimmy then gets Winn to help him break into Lord Technologies and figure out what countermeasures Max is developing against the Kryptonians.

On the patio, outside her office, Cat tells Kara that with every minute she spends at CatCo, somebody out in the world is not being saved. She tells her to prove that she’s not Supergirl, or clean out her desk tomorrow. Meaning if Kara doesn’t find a way to prove she isn’t Supergirl she will be fired, and we don’t want that to happen.

At Lord Technologies, Jimmy and Winn are working on breaking into the building. Asking if Winn has disabled the alarms, Jimmy kicks his way inside the building. Getting inside, he finds a laser grid in the next room. Winn makes a remark about how he can’t kick his way through lasers but then disables the lasers.

In Room 52, there’s a biometric security entry point — it’s the only one not protected by a keypad. Which makes things a lot more interesting, but Jimmy then is discovered by Max and is knocked unconscious by him and two security goons.

Going back to the DEO, General Lane thinks that he has received the answers he needed from Astra and has ordered his men to move in on the Kryptonian base. Supergirl comes along and tries to help but her super vision is not able to see anything because the containers are filled with lead.

Non and his men are preparing to fight when Kara finds Henshaw strapped to a chair inside a container…sadly it is only a hologram, and a bomb goes off. Kara manages to protect a couple of the men and Alex with her cape, however almost everyone is killed by the blast. Astra played them.

In an unknown place, we think it might be Max’s lair. Jimmy is tied up and Max starts to interrogate him. Max asked about who helped Jimmy get into his building but does not get an answer. He roughs James up and then smashes his camera with a wrench, telling him next time he won’t stop there.

Back to CatCo, Kara tells Cat that she can’t tell her she’s Supergirl. However she can tell her about how much CatCo and this job means to her. The job is more important to her than Cat realizes. Kara says that she relies on Cat to help her make important decisions, and that she needs Cat more than she ever has. Cat tells her that she knows what she has to do, then, and Kara quits. However Cat tells her to finish out the day, showing us that Cat really does care about her assistant.

In the room where Winn, Jimmy, and Kara have set up headquarters, Jimmy is nursing his wounds when Kara comes in and gets angry that her team has lied to her. She swears that Max Lord is evil and that she will she’ll do whatever it takes to stop him. Jimmy tells Kara that she is starting to sound a lot like Astra and Kara tells him to get out of her way. Winn shows up and bars the door to stop Kara from going. He tells Kara that she can’t go off half angry and not thinking properly, or it proves Max right. Soon Kara breaks down. Kara says that she’s lost everything, she can’t help Henshaw, stop Non, salvage her relationship with Cat, and she can’t find comfort in memories of her mother, the only thing that used to be what she could rely on. Jimmy and Winn get her to sit down and the three of them share a touching moment. Jimmy and Winn tell Kara that heroes find a way.

SuperGirl Bonding Moment Sofa

Back at Astra’s cell Kara admits to Astra that she is ready to listen. Kara now understands the feeling of being scared to lose everything. However she knows that you can’t let fear control them. She believes that everyone has faith and that there’s good in Astra, and that everyone deserves faith. She soon asks what really happened on Krypton.

Flashing back to Krypton where Alura is sending Astra to Fort Rozz, Alura tells Astra that she believes Astra and that Krypton faces annihilation, and the reason that she’s only condemning her is because she’s a murderer. Nothing can change that. She promises Astra to fight for Astra’s cause, but not with violence but with compassion and reason. She says it’s the only hope to save their world, and then sees her sister away to Fort Rozz. It’s a nice and touching moment but we all want to know what happens next.

Back to the present, Astra tells Kara that Alura never stopped believing in her and that Kara reminds her of her mother. Kara tells Astra that it’s not too late and asks Astra where Henshaw is. Astra tells Kara that the only way to get Henshaw back is to do the trade. However Astra know that the humans will never agree to that, its a good thing Kara isn’t human.

Supergirl with Alex and a group of DEO agents bring Astra into the staging area where General Lane confronts them but manages to stare them down they back down because Supergirl saved them at the blast site. General Lane objects, but Supergirl has faith they won’t be betrayed.

Supergirl Astra Bonds Trade

At the exchange site, Non brings Henshaw, and Supergirl hands off Astra. When Henshaw is safety back in the hands of the DEO. He slightly scolds them about negotiating with the terrorists, but does thank them. They think that the exchange is over however it isn’t. Apparently Non had brought some of his men to fight. Seeing them surrounded, Alex tells Henshaw he needs to transform. Kara with her hearing hears what she says but ignores it for the moment. As they prepare to attack, Astra commands them to stand down. She tells Non to honor the agreement, and after a tense moment, he does so, ordering a withdrawal. Non flies off angrily, leaving Astra, who says this is not a truce. Supergirl tells her to call it a start.

Back at the DEO, Henshaw gets control over the DEO again and they kick out General Lane and his men. Thanks goodness for that, General Lane and his men were sure a pain for this episode. Soon when the army leaves, Kara confronts Alex and Henshaw and asks what Alex meant by “You have to transform,” something that Alex said to Henshaw when they were making the exchange. Henshaw and Alex then reveal Henshaw’s secret. Kara tells them that she could have been told about it. She says that she could have kept the secret however Henshaw and Alex say in unison that she couldn’t.

Supergirl arrives at Cat’s office, and is soon followed by Kara, who introduces herself to Supergirl. Supergirl excuses herself, taking to the air, as Cat offers Kara her job back, as long as she doesn’t tell anyone that Cat thought she was Supergirl.

SuperGirl Tricking Cat

On the roof of the building, Kara joins Supergirl, who transforms back into Martian Manhunter, and then into Henshaw. She thanks him for his help, and he says that he wouldn’t have minded her coming to the DEO full time. She says she can’t leave CatCo, that working at CatCo is more than just a secret identity. She has friends here and those friends stopped her from making a big mistake today.

Kara going back to her desk, she receives a text from Superman, aka Clark, aka her cousin and he asks her if  she’s okay and if she needs help. She says she will ask if she does need his help. He tells her to remember he’s there, and that blood bonds them all. In my opinion, it’s a nice cute bonding moment. Especially at the end of day. It’s just what you want to hear.

Jimmy and Winn come to check up on Kara, and she thanks them for their help and says things are alright with Cat. There next move is to make a plan to expose Max Lord and put him away.

At Lord Technologies, Max enters Lab 52. Aside from a hologram of the Red Tornado arm, he has a “Jane Doe” who apparently died from brain trauma. It’s a young blonde, who opens her eyes just when Max walks in. The shocking part, her eyes are entirely black.


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