SUPERGIRL Announces 3 DC Characters Set To Join, Plus New Promo

Three DC characters from the comic book universe will appear in SUPERGIRL!

The main characters have been on board for quite some time, but CBS’ Supergirl isn’t done adding a slew of DC characters into the mix for its first season!

While interviewing with THR, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg named three additional DC characters who you can expect to see in the first nine episodes of the new show:
General Sam Lane, father to Lois and Lucy Lane, will come into town “with an agenda”; fellow hero Red Tornado; and Non, a villain from the planet Krypton who was first featured on-screen in Superman II but will be tweaked for the show.

Supergirl premieres in October 26, 2015 on CBS. In the meantime, prepare yourself with this exciting new promo video!

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