SUPERGIRL Footage Reveals Kara’s Crazy Powers

New SUPERGIRL footage shows off the heroine’s powers!

Superman’s 24-year-old cousin Kara El-Zor has some phenomenal powers and we’re finally seeing them in action thanks to never-before-seen Supergirl footage that made its debut on CBS last night!

Take a quick look behind the scenes of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations as they track Kara’s extraterrestrial enemies, then watch as Supergirl herself faces off against them. She deploys her full arsenal of powers against them, including flight, super strength, frost breath, and even some laser eyes!

We must admit, we’re surprised that the preview revealed so much of what Kara will use to fight her enemies, especially when some of them might come off as a bit hokey to audience’s that aren’t too familiar (Shooting lasers for eyeballs, anyone?). Still, this show looks like it gain a solid following from the fans who already love DC television properties like The Flash and Arrow.

Supergirl premieres Monday, October 26, 2015 on CBS.



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