SUPERGIRL Reveals Who is in The Pod, Plus More From SDCC Panel

‘Supergirl’ Reveals who is in the pod, and more exciting things at their SDCC Panel!

Though the second season of Supergirl doesn’t start production until next month, and so there was no trailer released today, we still got to learn some interesting things about the upcoming season of the show. The first being the reveal of who was in the pod at the end of the season one finale.

As many of you will remember, at the end of the season one finale, Kara (Melissa Benoist) found a pod that looked like the one she took to earth, hinting that whoever was inside might be Kryptonian. During the Comic-Con panel, it was revealed that the person inside the pod is new cast member, The Vampire Diaries’ Chris Wood. Though it was announced he would be joining the cast a few days ago, we still don’t know who exactly he is playing, but it now seems he will be extraterrestrial. Some fans are speculating that he will play Mon-El, who is a character from the comics.

We also learned more about how Supergirl and Superman (Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Hoechlin) will interact, though it doesn’t seem like it will be the sweet family reunion we may have hoped for.

“Clark has a very different experience of what it means to have superpowers on Earth,” said executive producer Sara Schechter. “There’s some real head-butting and philosophical approaches that are different. We’ll get into all that.”

There was also talk of the U.S. President, who will be played by Lynda Carter, and how she will play into next season’s events. “Big things are happening,” Schechter said. “Big things have to happen to get Superman and Supergirl together.”

Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen) also talked about Kara and James’ budding relationship, saying that it’s a little tumultuous:

“[It’s] a workplace relationship. It’s a new relationship, it’s gonna have ups and downs and tumultuous things. It’s weird, because I read [Episode] 201, and it starts with our wedding. I thought that was really fast.”

When Jeremy Jordan (Winn Schott) was asked about his character’s future, he was excited about a possible career with the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations), saying “I think he’s looking for a straight-up job. I think it would make the DEO a little more fun. It’s a little serious right now.”

as for Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist says that her character really grown over the past season, and that she herself has grown along with her:

“I honestly look back, and I don’t know how I did a lot of the things we did. I feel like I’ve grown so much, kind of simultaneously along with Kara.”

I know I am extremely excited to find out more about Supergirl’s upcoming season, especially with the move to The CW, where there is the opportunity for crossovers with the network’s other DC superhero shows, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of TomorrowAnd if the cast’s excitement at today’s panel is anyway to judge, then season two of Supergirl will be phenomenal.

Make sure to catch Supergirl when it returns on October 10, 2016 on The CW.



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