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SUPERGIRL Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer Swoops In

New villain and the first transgender superhero revealed at SUPERGIRL Comic-Con panel!

Supergirl is focusing on its new big bad in a mash-up trailer from San Diego Comic-Con!

With star Melissa Benoist on Broadway until August, there’s been no new footage of Kara Danvers filmed for the upcoming season, thus the trailer intersperses some new footage of other characters with old footage from the previous season.

What the trailer does, however, is introduce the chilling and paralleled philosophy of the series new villain, Manchester Black, who will be played by David Ajala (Doctor Who). Black, who has telepathic and telekinetic abilities in the comics, is staunchly anti-alien and uses the actions of the few villainous aliens who have daunted Kara to justify the elimination of all aliens by any means necessary.

At the panel, the show also introduced its first transgender superhero, Nia Nal aka Dreamer, who will be played by actress and activist Nicole Maines (Royal Pains). The character can cast illusions and will reluctantly come into her powers this season, somewhat mirroring Kara’s journey in Season 1.

April Parker Jones also joins the show as Colonel Haley, described by Warner Bros. as a “hardline career woman who lives and dies by the orders of her commanding officers.” Sounds ominous.

Supergirl returns to The CW for Season 4 on Sunday, October 14, 2018.

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