Superhero Movie Update #13 – March 23

Avengers: Infinity War Duology

We know that Joss Whedon was stepping down from directing any further Avengers movies, and now we know who will be taking over the gauntlet.  Joe and Anthony Russo, or the Russo Brothers, will be taking over the Avengers franchise.  They are very familiar with the Marvel world as they have already directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and will direct Captain America: Civil War.

Superhero Movie Update #13, March 23 - Joe and Anthony Russo

The brothers will direct both parts of the studio’sAvengers: Infinity War, taking over the billion-dollar franchise from Joss Whedon, who directed the first two Avengers films. (The second one, Avengers: Age of Ultron, opens May 1.) They’ll film Infinity War in one long shoot beginning sometime in 2016, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

No writers are attached, but the brothers will likely reunite with Winter Soldier’s Christopher Markusand Stephen McFeely. They collaborated on Civil War, which the Russos will begin shooting next month.

X-Men: Apocalypse

This actually has to do more with casting after Apocalypse, as Jennifer Lawrence has confirmed that her portrayal of Mystique in X-Men: Apocalypse will be her final one.  This highly sought after actress will fulfill her obligation in her contract to play Mystique for the last time for next year’s film, and she’s already done with production of The Hunger Games franchise, so most likely she’ll be looking into more diverse roles outside of YA and comics movies.

Superhero Movie Update #13, March 23 - Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

We thank her for her time and hope she’ll consider coming back to either genre when the right role comes along.  Maybe Bradley Cooper has to be included into the contract or something.