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All-Star Team Up Extended Trailer

All-Star Team Up Inside Look

“Barry (Grant Gustin) is surprised when Felicity Smoak (guest star Emily Bett Rickards) arrives from Starling City along with her boyfriend, Ray Palmer (guest star Brandon Routh), who flies in as the Atom. They’ve come to visit S.T.A.R. Labs as Ray needs help with his suit. Their timing turns out to be fortuitous because it’s all hands on deck after a meta human named Brie Larvin (guest star Emily Kinney) unleashes hundreds of robotic bees to attack and kill her former co-workers, including Dr. Tina McGee (guest star Amanda Pays). A group dinner with Barry, Felicity, Ray, Iris (Candice Patton) and Eddie (Rick Cosnett) turns into a disaster.”


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The Flash cast at WonderCon 2015

The Flash WonderCon 2015 Trailer highlights the final six episodes of the season, including a look at The Walking Dead‘s Emily Kinney as Brie Larvan, aka Bug-Eyed Bandit.

To amp up the excitement, an action-packed trailer from The Flash team offered fans an extended preview of the final episodes of the breakout hit series’ lightning charged first season. The exclusive sneak peek not only featured guest star Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead) as Central City’s latest meta-human menace Brie Larvan aka Bug-Eyed Bandit, and the return of a few fan-favorite Rogues in The Mist, Weather Wizard & Rainbow Raider, but also featured a few familiar faces from Starling City’s Team Arrow, including Brandon Routh (as The Atom) and a glimpse of Arrow’s Stephen Amell standing shoulder to shoulder with cousin Robbie Amell (as Firestorm) and the Scarlet Speedster himself!

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Emily Kinney talks about her villainous role


Why is your character so upset when viewers meet her?

She had a good career going. She was developing these mechanical bees and some people in her company felt like she was trying to use them for evil instead of good, and they shut her down. Now she’s out for revenge. She’s out to get back at this company, so she’s made up her own little bee hive and is sending her bees to wreak havoc on the world.

At some point you get into a hacker battle with Felicity. What’s this fight like?

It’s a different sort of battle, where you’re fighting with your computers. They are well-matched and it’s a good fight to watch to see who will win. But of course, The Flash gets involved.

How did you decide to sign up for this role?

I was done working on The Walking Dead, and they reached out. I’ve never played anything like a supervillain before. I’d been playing Beth — and she’s so sweet and kind hearted. She’s strong as hell, but so very different but from a supervillian. It sounded like a different part of my personality I could tap into. Also, my little nephew is the hugest Flash fan, so I had to do it to get cool point.

The Flash villains tend to come back. Will we see Brie again?

That would be awesome. You never know.

Grant Gustin talks about being the Flash


You’re kind of in an action-movie zone now on The Flash. How much of the stunt work do you do yourself?

Well, I’d be working 16-hour days every day if we tried to use me for everything. I mean, the crew works 14 hours a day and I’m right there with them most of the time. But as far as the stunts are concerned, I probably do about, I mean, 50 percent, and that 50 percent being mostly stylized movement type things. When it comes to throwing the Flash through a glass plate or pulling him through something, my stunt double will always do those things, cause they’ll never let me do it. There’s a lot of choreography-type things, just sliding into frame or stylized movement that I always like to do just because I want to. I think my dance background does come into play sometimes when it comes to the quality of movement I want to bring to the character.

Were you a DC fan beforehand?

Oh, yeah. I’ve actually got a Superman tattoo on my left arm. I’m a lifelong Superman fan.

What has been your favorite thing to do on set?

To be honest, I love the straightforward acting scenes because it’s such a technical show and it’s got a lot of stunts and special effects. I’m running around in a friggin’ superhero suit, for Chrissakes. So I especially love working with [Jesse L. Martin, who plays the family friend who raised his character], and I get to work with Tom Cavanagh and Danielle Panabaker and the whole cast, but especially my scenes with Jesse Martin—those father/son scenes that get to the heart of the show, and the heart of those two characters. That’s the most fun to me.

One last thing. I have never not heard a superhero actor complain about the suit. How is it?

Well, what we had in the pilot took a few people to help me get into, just because it was all one piece and it was just heavy, thick material. But there were some changes made after the pilot, and it essentially looks the same, but I can pretty much get in and out of it by myself. It’s nice to have some assistance! On a hot day it is miserable to be in, and borderline dangerous to be in I think [laughs]. But thankfully it’s not often hot in Vancouver. On the cold days, it’s not so bad, to be honest. And at this point, it’s not that uncomfortable either. It’s a pretty soft material and it’s not the worst thing to be in. The mask, on the other hand, is the worst thing to be in. I’m thankful that it comes on and off.

I think at least one Batman had veins of water running through the suit so that he could survive the various takes.

Yeah, that’s not uncommon. I think John Wesley Shipp (who plays the Flash’s wrongly imprisoned father) had that back when he was The Flash [on CBS, briefly, in 1990], too.

Did you watch the old show?

After we finished our pilot. I love it, actually. I love all that stuff. I loved the George Clooney Batman when it came out. When I was a kid, I loved that stuff, and I loved the Christopher Reeve Superman. I mean, the first Flash TV show was the year I was born, so I didn’t watch it live.