Superhero TV Weekly Update #10 – DAREDEVIL Trailers 3 and 4, TV Spots

15 things you need to know about the Daredevil series

  • Daredevil could not exist, in this form, until Marvel got the rights back from Fox. Once they had the rights back, they had to get the okay from the movie division to go ahead as a TV series. And then, they had to find the best home for that series.
  • The idea of doing the street-level heroes came about, leading to The Defendersstory, and Netflix was on board for four 13-part stories that are separate stories that, in their own way, feel like they’re of the same universe. And then, those four characters, who knew each other in the comics and had relationships, will join together, with Daredevil kicking it all off.
  • This show exists in the Marvel cinematic universe, but Daredevil is the dirt under the gloss of The Avengers. There needs to be one set of superheroes to deal with the stuff on the streets, so the other set of superheroes can deal with the Gods and aliens. The Avengers save the universe, and these heroes save the neighborhood.
  • What they’re trying to do with the Netflix shows, in general, is tell the best stories for the individual characters, and if they have a bit of an edge to them, than that’s good because it means the Marvel universe is expanding to this kind of story. They hope to one day be able to tell stories that take place in the supernatural universe and the horror universe with the Marvel catalogue of 9,000 characters.
  • Two years before the rights for Daredevil returned to Marvel, Joe Quesada called Jeph Loeb, out of the blue and said that he’d found their lead and that it had to be Charlie Cox. At that time, they didn’t know if they’d even be able to revisit the character, let alone as a TV series, but he was adamant.
  • We will see the backstory of Matt Murdock as a young boy who is blinded but imbued with extraordinary senses, woven into the dual life of the man who starts a new law firm with his best friend and legal partner, Foggy Nelson, while pursuing criminals at night as Daredevil. There is no character in the Marvel universe who is more conflicted than Matt Murdock. Will he solve the world’s problems in a courtroom, or will he solve them with a fist?
  • Because he has enhanced senses, strength, speed, agility and endurance, Matt Murdock has to maintain the illusion of behaving like a regular blind person when he’s around other people.
  • Charlie Cox worked very closely with a man who has been legally blind for 20 years, to develop his cane technique and spend time observing what his eyes did when talking to someone.

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Daredevil Trailers #3 and #4

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TV Spots

Charlie Cox on the Late Show with Seth Meyers

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