Superhero TV Weekly Update #10 – GOTHAM “Beasts of Prey” Promo

Episode 19 – “Beasts of Prey” Promo

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“Beasts of Prey” Promo Photos


“Beasts of Prey” synopsis

Gordon and Bullock investigate a cold case involving the Ogre, a serial killer who targets young women in Gotham City. Meanwhile, Fish plots her escape from the Dollmaker, and Bruce and Selina confront Reggie in the all-new “Beasts of Prey” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, April 13 (8:00-9:00 ET/PT) on FOX. (GTH-119) (TV-14 L, S, V)

The Enigma/Riddler Featurette


Episode 20 “Under the Knife” synopsis, which airs April 20th:

Gordon and Bullock continue to investigate the Ogre (guest star Milo Ventimiglia), who begins to make his move on someone close to Gordon. Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina team up to expose a corrupt Wayne Enterprises employee and Nygma comes to Kristin Kringle’s defense.

Promo for final episodes



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