Your Superhero TV Weekly Update – February 14

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  • The season is over for the series, but Matt Ryan contemplates what he’d like to see for season 2, if there ends up being a season 2.  He speaks about “The Family Man,” which pits John against a serial killer who specializes in murdering entire families.

“I also love, and what could be a possibility for Season Two I think, is the Family Man arc. What I like about that is, it’s not John dealing with demons and devils, it’s him dealing with human beings and I think that’s a very interesting place for John. I think there’s actually a line in the comic where he says, ‘Demons, devils I’m fine with, but the real life, the real problems that human beings have.’”

Where it’s going to go, Syfy or wherever, that’s not up to me. That is an NBC thing, and they’re going to decide how it goes. That being said, it doesn’t feel like the end. There are a lot of things you feel when the end is coming, and this doesn’t feel like that. That is just Harold Perrineau’s personal feeling. I have no information. But wherever it goes, I’m in.


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