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SUPERNATURAL at SDCC 2016 | Q&A with Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles talks about how the Impala used to embarrass him and why he’s not directing an episode of Supernatural this season. 

We again ask the question of what current Jensen Ackles would say to Jensen from twelve years ago in regards to Supernatural.

“Uhhh….(long, though-out pause)…put a bigger engine in the Impala. For the longest time, we had a very small…a small, black engine in the car, and it took me, like, six years of kinda kicking and screaming to be, like, can we please beef the car up, because when people show up on set, the fans stop by the set, and I’m sitting there, and I get in the car, and it starts up and it’s like (makes a pathetic revving noise), I’m very embarrassed. So, they finally put a big block 5.02 in it, about season 6, season 7. That’s one of many things I would say to season 1 Dean.”

Yeah, we can see why that would be an issue. You see a car like that on screen, and you automatically assume, “great muscle.”

Jensen then had to answer the question of whether the boys would come into Mystic Falls, the fictional town of The Vampire Diaries series, if TVD ended before Supernatural. He asked if the show was ending, which it is after this season.

“I would totally be game for that. We wouldn’t even have to—we wouldn’t even have to be there. You’d just see the Impala pull into town. I think they should do that! I don’t know that their showrunner would go for it, but I would be game.”

He goes make a good point after, and we’d be game for it, too!

“Look, all the other shows on this network are crossing over.  Y’know, Arrow and Flash and every other show! We never get a crossover.”


On why he won’t be directing any episodes this season, he explains himself in a very honest and mature way.

“I usually only do one. and it’s the first one up. So, we’ll film it first, but it airs like 3 or 4 deep. The reason we put the shoot out of order is so that I can show up early, prep, get all that stuff done while not having to work.past playing Dean on other episodes. But doing that, it is—I do not take that responsibility lightly. I bust my ass and do a ton of homework, and it’s exhausting after seven days of prep, eight days of filming, and then two or three days of editing. And I don’t have time to recover. I go right back into filming.

So I kind of equate it to running a marathon but sprinting the first three miles. So, you’re just exhausted. There’s not a lot left in the tank. I mean, I’ve done it, I can do it, but this year, I wanted to stay at home. I also have to come back two weeks early and start working. And then [Jared] shows up two weeks after I’ve already been there, I’m staying up sleepless nights breaking down the strip. He shows up, bearded and tan, and I’m, like, ‘Where’ve you been?’ and he’s like, ‘Oh, man. Just kicking it by the pool the past two weeks,’ I’m like, ‘I want to do that!’

So I did that this year.”

In regards to Mary returning to the show, he had a very different answer than what Jared had.

“Well, I think there’s a lot of uncertainty. Obviously, it is his mom, but there’s no relationship there. She died when he was four years old. So, she’s essentially a stranger to him. But a stranger nonetheless that I think will kind of lends itself to making the boys vulnerable and susceptible to problems. It’s another person that Dean’s going to probably have to sacrifice himself for.”

That is definitely very different to what Jared had to say about how Sam’s relationship with their mother is going to be like. Even after 11 seasons, there’s still interesting stories to get from this show.

Supernatural returns to start season 12 this Thursday, October 13th at 9pm on the CW.

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