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SUPERNATURAL Cast Runs Marathon for Charity

Running 26.2 miles sounds like a bad idea—unless you’re doing it for charity.

The cast of Supernatural and their friends once again set out to change the world. In a movement through Random Acts entitled “Endure 4 Kindness,” a group including Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Rachel Miner, Rob Benedict, Adam Fergus, Jason Manns, Genevieve Padalecki, Vicki Vantoch-Collins, and Charlie Capen  hit the ground running in the Seattle Marathon. Many completed the full marathon. A few went for a half-marathon or a little less. Ruth ConnellAlaina Huffman, and Danneel Ackles offered moral support.

Although these incredible humans pushed themselves to their physical limit, what happened before the race is somehow even more impressive. Through a Crowdrise campaign, The Bad Idea Tour raised over $100,000 (and counting!) towards fighting childhood hunger in the United States. But it gets even better. The team agreed to match the amount collected up to $100,000. Yep, that means over $200,000 will help hungry children. Incredible.

While the reason for running and the training were serious matters, this group, of course, also had plenty of fun with it. Below is a glimpse at the social media posts from the gang’s experience this holiday weekend.

The night before the race, they gathered for a Facebook Live:

There were smiles (and maybe feelings of intense dread) before finding the starting line:

Along with the sweating and labored breathing, there were selfies snapped during the run:

With the long-awaited finish line in sight, empowering moments were captured:

And then, there was the aftermath–a combination of triumph and exhaustion:

Feel inspired? Grab your running shoes and consider making a donation in honor of The Bad Idea Tour on Crowdrise.

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