SUPERNATURAL Drops Contemplative New Trailer

SUPERNATURAL trailer reminds us how powerful the Winchesters are!

An atmospheric new trailer has been dropped for the upcoming season of Supernatural. The trailer first shows the impala by itself in a garage then snippets of Sam and Dean take its place.

During the trailer everyone is talking about the importance of the Winchesters. Castiel especially claims that the world needs the brothers. Even Crowley states that the Winchesters have beaten everything which has come their way.

From the beginning the main theme of Supernatural has been family and the strongest of these relationships has been between the brothers. Yet in Crowley’s words perhaps there is a warning. The brothers have defeated everything, so could their power be manipulated by other villains? We will have to wait to see what the season brings.

The second half of season 12 of Supernatural premieres Thursday, Jan. 26, now at 8/7c on The CW.