SUPERNATURAL EP Jeremy Carver Proud of Flashbacks into Sam and Dean’s Year

Whether you like them or not, it seems that Executive Producer Jeremy Carver find the change of pace into the lives of Sam and Dean a great way to reveal in layers this season’s emotional story arc.   I can only imagine how difficult it is to try and find different ways to keeping the audience’s interest after 7 seasons.  Truly, this has been a different change of pace, and I’m just hoping that it’ll be worth it in the end.  I didn’t mind Dean’s flashbacks so much as I did Sam’s, and I guess it’s because the majority of the fans tend to dislike many female characters that come into the show, especially if they’re a major romantic interest to the main characters.  (Which begs the question, Supernatural fans really don’t want the boys to be happy.)

Here’s a quote from Carver about the flashback issue:

“These next couple of weeks will fill out even more what we wanted to get across. I’m very proud and very happy with the flashbacks, and I think it’s a really interesting departure for the show to take.”

With tonight’s episode, Benny returns, and as you know, this can cause more clashing between the brothers (as if there wasn’t enough already):

“Everything that Dean has said, everything that Sam has said regarding Benny, has not gone into the wind. They’re very acutely aware of where they stand… [For Sam, it’s] rather tough to see [the] surprising amount of faith, trust and love that Dean puts into Benny, especially with some things that Dean has said about Benny in comparison to Sam. It just speaks to how far apart these guys were driven.”

Everyone knows that having Sam and Dean separated for too long in this series doesn’t really bode well overall, so let’s hope nothing disastrous happens after tonight’s episode.  With that said, this is the final episode of 2012, so most likely they’ll ignore my hopes of a nice conclusion by the end of the episode for more animosity between the Winchester brothers… yet again.  Ugh!

(Source: Blastr)

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