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Watch the SUPERNATURAL Extended Trailer for “Wayward Sisters”

The SUPERNATURAL backdoor episode that introduces the spinoff series WAYWARD SISTERS is finally here!

Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) is back on Supernatural, but this time, it’s not her that’s going to need saving. Sam and Dean are in trouble, and it’s up to her and the rest of her group of fierce female hunters to save them.

On this special episode that serves as a backdoor introduction to the spin-off series Wayward Sisters, we get to see the return of Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen), Patience Turner (Clark Backo), and Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) as they help search for the lost Sam and Dean.

According to events from Supernatural’s “The Bad Place” episode, Sam and Dean were transported through a rift to what looks to be yet another alternate universe, not the one that their mom, Mary Winchester, is trapped in. Last week’s episode introduced us to Kaia, the dream walker whose ability caused it to happen along with Jack’s ability.

Now, the Winchester boys are in trouble, and it’s up to Jody and her girls to find them. Here’s the official synopsis:

KATHRYN NEWTON, KIM RHODES, KATHERINE RAMDEEN, BRIANA BUCKMASTER, CLARK BACKO AND YADIRA GUEVARA-PRIP RETURN – When Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go missing, Jody Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) calls Claire Novak (guest star Kathryn Newton), the rebellious rogue hunter, and tells her it is time to come home – they need to find the Winchesters. Claire returns and reunites with Alex Jones (guest star Katherine Ramdeen), who has stayed behind with Jody and tries to balance a “normal” life with being a part time hunter. While Jody is happy to have Claire home again, she’s plagued by Patience’s (guest star Clark Backo) disturbing vision involving her adopted daughter. Claire and Alex search for Kaia Nieves (guest star Yadira Guevara-Prip), the dreamcatcher responsible for opening the rift that Sam and Dean went through, as she holds the key to their whereabouts. Jody calls her friend, Donna Hanscum (guest star Briana Buckmaster), to round out the team and the women head off on the most important hunt of their lives. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Robert Berens and Andrew Dabb (#1310). Original airdate 1/18/2018.

The forthcoming Wayward Sisters looks to be a much better spin-off for the Supernatural franchise, that brings back several past female characters. Here is a list of the characters that will be part of the new series, as far as we know, and when they were first introduced to the Supernatural series (warning – mild spoilers):

  • Jody Mills – introduced back in season 5 on “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” as Sheriff Jody Mills, she’s made several appearances since and will serve as the official matriarch of the group.
  • Claire Novak – made her first appearance in season 10 on “The Things We Left Behind” as the daughter of Castiel’s vessel, and has made several appearances since then, often with a chip on her shoulder. She was the second girl sent to Jody to look after.
  • Alex Jones – was discovered in season 9 by the Winchesters hanging with a vampire “family” in the episode “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” and after the episode was looked after by Jody Mills, eventually being adopted as well.
  • Patience Turner – recently introduced in this season’s “Patience,” she was the granddaughter of one of the first characters on the series, Missouri Moseley. She is revealed to have the same psychic abilities that Missouri had.
  • Donna Hanscum – a sheriff from Minnesota when first introduced back in the season 9 episode “The Purge,” she’ll be playing a part in the spin-off series, though we don’t know how involved she’ll be.
  • Kaia Nieves – first appeared in last week’s episode “The Bad Place” as an important figure in the attempted rescue of Mary Winchester from the alternate universe she’s been stuck in since last season. This second appearance will introduce her to the group as they attempt to rescue Sam and Dean, as she’s the only one who’s apparently still in this universe who was there when they were thrown through the rift.
Photos courtesy of The CW.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8pm on the CW and available the next day on the CW App.

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