SUPERNATURAL Recap – “Form and Void”

After an outstanding season 11 premiere, SUPERNATURAL is back to following the story at hand, leaving us fans craving more along the way and happily satisfied with what we’ve been given. How do the two go hand in hand? “It’s SUPERNATURAL.” is the only excuse I’ve got. This second episode of the season is titled, “Form and Void”. Not so upfront like our premiere episode titled, “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”, but still mysterious nonetheless. Before going into any form of spoiler territory, I will say that this episode was great! It was a pretty fantastic follow up to the premiere, which was amazing in its own way. Season 11 has fans already abuzz with excitement. And if you’re one of the fans who stopped watching a few seasons back, I highly suggest catching up and jumping right in because this season is going to be crazy! But now… let’s go further into the “void” and talk about what happened.

Warning! Spoilers below. Again, sorry guys. I just have a lot feelings.tumblr_nvvq250xMa1qlu8two2_500“Form and Void” picks up right where we left off from the past episode, with Sam trying to find a cure for this infection the Darkness has been spreading. Last episode we spent in Nebraska, mainly in the hospital. But with this episode, we go farther and discover the entire town is deserted, with the infected roaming every now and then. Sam is trying his best to find supplies for what we’d come to learn is a taser. (It looks like a mop stuck in a bucket. It’s pretty cool.) He uses it upon this other infected man who hadn’t fully been infected, so he’s still functional and can answer Sam’s ever growing list of questions. Sadly, this man is too far gone in his mind to be any help to Sam, but we do learn that his death was fast, while Sam is still alive many hours later.

Meanwhile Dean is in Idaho, dropping of Jenna and Amara at her grandmothers house. No one has noticed the Mark of Cain birthmark, so everyone still thinks this baby is just a baby. Soon we all learn what this baby is capable of. For starters, the baby can move things with it’s mind. Hahaha. That was my nervous laugh because of how creepy this ability is, especially from a baby. All while the above is going down, we learn more about the situation Castiel is in. In the last episode we see that he had been captured and is slowly and painfully being tortured for more information on Metatron. tumblr_nw8qerQkeS1s975uao1_500Going back to Sam, he meets a worker of Death named Billy. We didn’t learn too much information from her, so I’m not entirely sure what key she’ll play in the season, but with her type of entrance into the show, I’d expect to see sporadic bits from her in the coming episode. Sam soon finds himself in the chapel asking for help from God himself. This little bit made me so, so excited because it means we’re getting so close to witness God himself in this season. I know loads of SUPERNATURAL fans, including myself, are very excited at this possibility and everything it’ll bring to the show.  After a little bit of trial and error, Sam finally finds a cure: fire. He finds that putting fire towards the black vain’s will make them disappear and heal the person completely. He uses this new found knowledge to heal a few more people and is now on a mission to find and heal everyone else infected by the Darkness. It’s very apparent that this season of SUPERNATURAL will focus a lot of Sam. Last season dealt with Dean quite a bit, so it’s nice to see Sam become the focus of this whole story line. tumblr_nw8pd2J8ig1qiqj0po1_500Back at grandma’s house, we learn that Amara isn’t just an ordinary baby with special powers. She’s a baby with special powers and the ability to grow. Amara grows from a newborn baby to an 7-9 year old kid. Don’t let that childlike appearance fool you, she’s plain evil. Even though we only saw a little bit of her powers within this episode, I’m sure she has one too many tricks up her sleeve. She’s very reminiscent of Lillith, but I believe that’s intentional. It’s showing how evil and big the Darkness really is in a way. By the end of the episode, she’s free into the world and is now, at least we think, working with Crowley. Oh boy.

Other things:

  • Crowley is now free and with Sam and Dean. He looked like he was in terrible pain, but at least he’s free of his captures. What does this mean for everyone who attacked him? I’ll be very interested to see how it play’s out.
  • Crowley is a Daphne. He just gets more interesting every episode.
  • I need more Crowley and Dean scenes. Crowley impersonating as a Priest and interacting with Dean was probably the best part of this episode. Even though they aren’t on the best of terms, you can’t help but love their chemistry on screen.

What’d you think of this episode of SUPERNATURAL?! I’ll be reviewing the entire season, so make sure to come back every week and relive all the feels with me.

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