SUPERNATURAL Recap – “Our Little World”

SUPERNATURAL is back for another amazing episode. This week’s episode is titled, “Our Little World”, and was, yet again, another fantastic episode full of Sam, Dean, and Amara. Also a surprise guest! Let’s talk a bit more about it below. There will be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episode, shield your eyes and go watch on the CW ASAP because you don’t want to miss this episode. Trust me.

Spoilers below! Sorry, guys! Supernaturalopening

We kick of this brand new episode of SUPERNATURAL with our head bad girl, Amara, lurking in the woods, near a girl whose friend had to go home, leaving her all by herself. (I know. Totally safe, right?) Amara declares that she wants to be like her and, like usual, sucks her soul dry. Kids, am I right? This brings Crowley to go ahead and ground her misbehaving and stealing souls when he told her directly not too. You’d think maybe Crowley might not understand how powerful Amara is, but his powers outrank her’s by a long shot, which he has no problem showing. But of course, she’s just getting more powerful each and every day, so more on that down below!

Soon we’re back to Cass (yay!) and he’s not looking so well, but definitely better than before. He’s addicted to TV, but decides to take a breather and leave the bunk thanks to the words of Dean. Since he is away from the mind distracting TV, he does have some flashbacks, mainly to his and Dean’s past. (ie: Dean beating Cass, Cass beating Dean) It’s actually painful to watch those scenes because they’re some of the most powerful throughout the show. I’ll never forget Dean’s face and the fact that he’d let Cass kill him before he would ever hurt him. Oh, the feels!supernatural_6315During this, Sam and Dean follow their clues and in the process kidnap a guy, but Sam soon finds out where Crowley’s hideout is. It’s an abandoned Asylum in the area, so the boys quickly gather their weapons and bravery and prepare to head into battle for Amara. But before going into the Asylum, we do see a familiar face in this episode. He’s one either you hate or you love. And that is Metatron. He’s back to become a journalist of sorts? He finds accidents and dead bodies, only to record them, and I assume sell them? It’s a bit odd, but it is Metatron. Cass soon finds him though and tries sets him straight. It’s a really brutal scene, especially for Cass.

Sam and Dean make their way into the creep asylum, defeating some of the guards that block their path the Amara. Soon Dean is feet away from Amara and apologizes for what he has to do (aka kill her), when Crowley interrupt’s this and tries his best to stop Dean, when Amara takes it into her hands. She’s more powerful than Crowley now and doesn’t feel like she needs his protection anymore. (The Winchesters broke in. How protective can it actually be??) In turn she makes a deal that Crowley lets her leave and Dean gets a safe way out. You can see just how mature Amara has gotten in these few scenes. She’s getting smarter and in turn is knowing how to control a situation and how to play all the right parts.

Other things:

  • Sam is having flashbacks??! I honestly have no clue what these mean, but I’m so excited (and worried) to find out!
  • Amara is set free upon the world. Who knows what hell she’ll release upon the world?!
  • Crowley said “Bromance” and “Memes”. Bless.

What’d you think of this episode of SUPERNATURAL?! I’ll be reviewing the entire season, so make sure to come back every week and relive all the feels with me.


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