SUPERNATURAL Recap – “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”

SUPERNATURAL is back! Commence happy dance. Our favorite monster hunting brothers are back on our screens, making the fall TV schedule complete! SUPERNATURAL is one of those shows that I legit can’t wait for its premiere. I go through withdrawals, which is what probably led me to start rewetting the series last month. (It’s going swell so far, incase you were curious.) I’ve been so hyped about this premiere, especially after talking to everyone at SDCC about what was to come. Their answer? “AMAZING IS TO COME, THAT IS WHAT.” Okay, I may be paraphrasing, but that’s the broken down version of all their answers. I was most curious as to what the “Darkness” would be and happily enough, we’ve figured it out with this premiere. Well, most of it anyway. Let’s breakdown the episode and flail, you guys!

Warning: spoilers below! Nothing too major, but I’d highly recommend watching the episode first.

tumblr_nvvq250xMa1qlu8two2_500This spectacular episode of SUPERNATURAL, titled “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”, kicks off right where we left off in the season 10 finale. We’re introduced to the after effects of the “Darkness” piece by piece throughout the episode. One thing is for sure and that is that the Darkness is deadly. The Darkness is also a she. Yes, the Darkness is a person, or at least has uses a woman’s body to host itself. The Darkness knows Dean and Dean knows a little about the Darkness due to Death, or at least he thinks he does. This whole opening scene is cut up throughout the episode, making it all the more mysterious. I can’t wait to learn more.

But the Darkness spreads like an infection of sorts, causing this town that Sam and Dean are in to be destroyed person by person. It’s reveal of destruction comes all comes together throughout various scenes. It was pretty well done and kept you on the edge of your seat the entire episode. It also kept you riddled with a million questions that I’m sure will get answered in the following episodes. Fingers crossed. Alongside discovering what the Darkness has done, we’re introduced to Jen who was lucky enough to survive and actually killed one of the sources of the infection spreading, at least that’s what we’re assuming. She’s kind and has only been on the job as a sheriff (I think) for 3 weeks, so I can imagine that this stress is a bit much and that she might’ve regretted taking this job. Maybe.tumblr_nvvqwenTNZ1qlu8two1_500Quite a bit of this episode takes place within a hospital, giving it that creepy/spoopy vibe perfect for the Halloween month. We even see more of this infected humans in the hospital and I will say, I hope some cosplayers jump on this bandwagon soon. These infected humans don’t have a name, while the actual infection itself also doesn’t have a name, making it all the more mysterious. Things start to pick up even more as a crew of the infected arrive to the hospital, leaving Sam, Dean, Jen, and a baby in need of help. Oh, I forgot to mention: they saved a baby!  Seriously, please just watch this episode. It was really great and I apparently am forgetting all these little crucial details.

Other things:

  • Cass is alive and kind of well (?), but says that it might be a while before he can speak to Sam and Dean? He goes off with these preppy helpers of Crowley, at least I think. I’m really curious to see where Cass is going. Hopefully not to be tormented, but maybe just an angel jail of sorts.
  • Crowley is also back into action, taking the form a middle aged swinger. He doesn’t call for help till AFTER the orgy, which is very crucial detail to his character. (It’s not, I just find that choice of his very interesting.)
  • THE BABY! No spoilers, but yeah, definitely didn’t see that one coming.

What’d you think of this episode of SUPERNATURAL?! I’ll be reviewing the entire season, so make sure to come back every week and relive all the feels with me.

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