SUPERNATURAL seems to top itself each and every episode. While some weren’t sure if they entirely loved season 10 (Don’t worry, I did.), most everyone has seemed to thoroughly enjoy season 11. Some are saying that the show is finally getting back to its roots and looking at it from afar, that thought process is definitely true. We’re getting back into the flow of some episodes that most have already deemed iconic, while hunting down new monsters and facing new battles. And that season 11 tradition continues with “Plush”, the latest episode featuring some killer mascots. Literally.

Spoilers ahead! Supernaturalopening

Wow. That’s really all I have to say about this episode. The boys are alerted by Sheriff Donna that a local man was arrested for murder and is wearing a mascot bunny head… that won’t come off. Yikes. It’s terrifying to see this person dressed in a bloody bunny mascot head and it gets even creepier as the boys discover there’s even more of them. Sam and Dean start to slowly unravel what was causing this and soon learn that its not a demon, but a ghost possessing these people to murder whomever is on the ghosts list. The kills get messier and the costumes get creepier, making this one of my favorite episodes of Supernatural in a while, other than Baby. tumblr_ny1yc8JLzU1qafea7o2_500As the episode goes on, we do learn the history of this costumes, where they come from, and why they cause people to do harm unto others. It’s actually a sad story and one I wasn’t expecting. This episode definitely dealt with mental illness and why it wasn’t a huge part of the story, it was nice to see what was shown be discussed in a positive way. This isn’t something Supernatural does a lot, but when they do, they always do it respectfully.

Other things:

  • Donna is back! She’s so, so amazing.

I loved “Plush”. It was scary, fun, and featured more Donna, who I think we all love. What’d you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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