SUPERNATURAL Recap – “The Bad Seed”

SUPERNATURAL is here! Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week, simply due to all the great television that comes one, including SUPERNATURAL, one of my favorite shows of all time. This weeks episode, “The Bad Seed”, is all about Rowena, Cass, and exactly how Amara is learning. Excited yet? You should be! These past two episodes have been outstanding and while this episode features more story instead of action (don’t worry, it has plenty), it’s still a terrific episode giving us more insight into the world of Crowley and how he’s handling Amara’s growing hunger. Also Jensen Ackles himself directed this episode, so I have a lot to talk about with this episode, so lets get started!

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!tumblr_nvvq250xMa1qlu8two2_500We open the episode with a familiar face from the last season of SUPERNATURAL, Rowena. She’s gathered her witch friends in hope of creating the… wait for it… MEGA COVEN. The blank stares on the other witches faces had me laughing non stop. In the process of trying to talk them into it, Rowena learns that Crowley is actually alive and they she didn’t succeed in killing him. And then she kills them. This is Rowena we’re talking about. This brings her to forming her Mega Coven yet again with some other witch friends at a diner, only for a demon to be awaiting her, killing one of her two friends in the process. She doesn’t have the best of luck with friends, apparently. MEGA COVEN.tumblr_nwlogdnySN1qlu8two4_500We finally see what is happening with Sam, Dean, and the now injured Cass. Turns out that whatever spell is trapped inside Cass is digging itself deeper, causing him all the pain. During this we do learn that Sam and Dean are still after Metatron, which we’ve known, while Cass can now tap into “angel radio”. He hears voices in his head and his condition seems to just be getting worse as time goes on. This spell that’s inside him is like a light switch. He can go from good to bad in a blink, so Sam and Dean take it upon themselves to find and interrogate Rowena’s surviving friend from the diner attack. I really enjoyed this scene, mainly to all of Dean’s gesture’s. For example: tumblr_nwlnwl731e1qlu8two2_500

But while this interrogating is happening, we learn what Amara is up to and where her current state of education is. Currently? Watching Hitler speeches. Why? You got me. I’m assuming so she’ll be good at directing power? That or she’s just that evil. Probably the latter. I guess we’ll see how this comes into play soon-ish. Her book of choice for the episode is DANTE’S INFERNO in its original Latin. Kids are something else. But going back to Rowena. Sam and Dean do it again and capture her, using her to get the book and as a way to get Crowley as well. This all goes to plan until Cass decides to go off and attack a random girl. This is due to to the spell of course, but in order to save him, Sam had to remove the special handcuffs from Rowena, leaving her powers and abilities open for her to use in any way possible. So she escapes of course. Back to square one they go.

Other things:

  • Cass is back to normal! Where do they go from here? Try to find Rowena again? Hunt Crowley down? I need answers!
  • Speaking of Crowley, he’s deciding to start cutting back on all the “food” that Amara eats? This can only turn ugly.
  • Amara is now older. Not too long till she’s a full grown adult. Now that she’s hungry for even more “food”, I’ll be excited to see where her character goes and who she’ll exactly hurt.

What’d you think of this episode of SUPERNATURAL?! I’ll be reviewing the entire season, so make sure to come back every week and relive all the feels with me.

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