SUPERNATURAL Recap – “Thin Lizzie”

SUPERNATURAL is back with a bang after last weeks tremendous episode, “Baby”. This week brings “Thin Lizze” which bring the boys to the house, which is now a bed and breakfast, of Lizzie Borden. You know, the Lizzie Borden that killed her family with an axe? If you don’t know about Lizzie, I’d highly recommend googling and reading the history of her. It’s fascinating and is the heart of tonight’s episode of SUPERNATURAL. So let’s just jump into it and discuss this simple, but really fun, episode of SUPERNATURAL.

Spoilers ahead!SupernaturalopeningSo after a strange murder happens at the Lizzie Borden house, it brings Sam and Dean to take a stay themselves and try and figure out exactly what happened to a couple who were killed inside their room’s with an axe. Soon one of the keepers mother is soon killed, which has them searching for even more clues as to what/whom is doing all of these killings. After finding a certain “Lizzie Borden expert”, they discover that Amara may have something to do with this and the boys learn that she not only is powerful, but can steal people’s souls. Yeah. Sounds like a grand ‘ole time.

Sam and Dean soon find themselves kidnapped by one of Amara’s victims who they happened to have met earlier while investigating the mysterious deaths at the Lizzie Borden house, whose soul has also been stolen by Amara. They escape thanks to the help of a new friend, whose soul is still missing, but this whole scene really shows, again, how powerful the Darkness really is. Who knows what the upcoming episodes will bring, but oh man, am I really excited and also very nervous. (Mainly for Dean!) (Ahhhh!)tumblr_nxbo348LNn1qlu8two1_500Sorry my recap was a bit more shorter than usual. I’m running on 0% of sleep, but I had to get out all my SPN feels with you all! “Thin Lizzie” was a relatively short and simple, story-wise, episode of SUPERNATURAL, so that’s another reason. Not a WHOLE lot happened to progress the story, which was nice, but it was a really fun time and it’s actually one of my favorite episodes from the past two seasons. Basically, I need more SUPERNATURAL to watch ASAP, but what else is new?

Other things:

  • Mention of Ghost Facerz! I really want another episode with them in it.
  • Cass loves THE WIRE??! I’m so glad he’s discovered Netflix.

What’d you think of this episode of SUPERNATURAL?! I’ll be reviewing the entire season, so make sure to come back every week and relive all the feels with me.

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