Supernatural Season 11 Will See Return of Fan Favorite

Sheriff Jody Mills will return in upcoming Supernatural episode

Entertainment Weekly revealed that Supernatural‘s favorite sheriff, Jody Mills, played by Kim Rhodes, will return in Episode 12 of Season 11. The episode will also feature Jody’s two wards, Claire (Kathryn Newton) and Alex (Katherine Ramdeen), as the family runs into some supernatural trouble. The episode is titled Don’t You Forget About Me, possibly alluding to Jody Mills’ return.

Jody Mills to return to Supernatural

As interesting as this may be, the return of a character isn’t always good news for the character, and fans have questioned on whether she’ll still be alive by the end of the episode.  Here’s what Rhodes had to say about that on her twitter account:

Being that this is Supernatural, a series that has been known to apparently have something against keeping its recurring female characters alive (they did, after all, kill of Felicia Day’s Charlie character quite brutally last season), there’s certainly reason to worry.  But hopefully, after being called out for such disgrace, maybe showrunner Jeremy Carver will be forgiving towards us fans and keep Sheriff Jody Mills around a little bit longer.

Supernatural will return from its hiatus on Wednesday, January 20th.


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