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The SUPERNATURAL season 12 poster is really hot

We really can’t complain about the fiery SUPERNATURAL season 12 poster any more than we can complain about having a season 12.

Just like the show, this Supernatural season 12 poster¬†shows just how hot the Winchesters – and Castiel and Crowley – are. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the actors that play them are kind of beautiful, too.

But we gotta say, the poster is pretty cool. It’s probably the best poster for the series so far, and after twelve seasons, that’s saying a lot. We hope this season is just as awesome as they go back to basics, according to the new showrunners’ Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer.

Warning: *spoilers from season 11 below*


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If you recall from season 11’s finale, Amara calmed herself down from her season-long reign of terror and granted Dean and Sam a great gift. Their mother, Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) was brought back to them, alive and well.

But while this happened, Sam was elsewhere getting shot. So, now the new journey begins in season 12. We can safely assume that Dean will be searching for his brother. And from what we’ve seen of the season 12 episode 1 pictures, mama is tagging along.

Supernatural will start this season airing on Thursdays, with the premiere episode on October 13th at 9/8c..


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