SUPERNATURAL Season 14 Begins Filming

Although SUPERNATURAL fans still have three months of hiatus left to endure, the cast and crew are already back in action!

Filming for the 14th season of Supernatural officially began on July 10th. That means our favorite cast and crew are making magic in Vancouver. Fans have to wait until October to watch the first episode of the new season, but in the meantime, our eyes are on social media.

Jason Fischer (Production Coordinator) brings the excitement by showing off the classic whiteboard all filled out for the first day of filming:

Emma Peterson (Assistant Production Coordinator) is excited that filming is officially underway:

Jim Michaels (Producer) proves there is no place like home with this shot of the bunker:

Kevin Parks (First Assistant Director) is happy to be back on set:

The beloved SPN Tape Ball is ready to grow larger and larger as the season goes on:

Rob Hayter (Stunt Coordinator) proves Baby is looking gorgeous and ready for the cameras:

And we're back… in black… @cw_supernatural

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Jim Beaver is filming, which means fans get to see Bobby in the season premiere:

Samantha Smith (Mary) is also up in Vancouver, apparently providing quality material for the season 14 gag reel:

Leave it to Misha Collins (Castiel) to break fans’ hearts before they even know the context of the first episode of the season:

Don’t forget that Supernatural season 14 premieres October 11th at 8/7c on The CW!

Season 15 of Supernatural? To be determined:

(Cover Photo Credit: Rob Hayter)

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