SUPERNATURAL Season 14’s First Two Episodes’ Titles Revealed

Seven weeks into hiatus, SUPERNATURAL fans are ready to glom on to any and all details about season 14 we can get.

Supernatural‘s 14th season began pre-production a few weeks ago, and filming starts on July 10th. In recent days, the Supernatural fandom received a few gifts from cast and crew members, along with the titles of the first two episodes in season 14!

Jim Michaels (Producer) shared that the crew was scouting filming locations for season 14 on July 5th.

A Twitter account associated with Hollywood North (which tracks shows and movies filming in Vancouver) spotted the Supernatural crew in action.

Trisha Porter (Key Make-Up Artist) recently (lovingly) teased Supernatural fans as well. With Jensen Ackles playing a character other than Dean to kick off season 14 (a phenomenon that has not happened before), Porter asked for opinions on whether Michael should have a notable beard or stick with Dean’s classic stubble.

Though episode titles for season 14 of Supernatural were to remain a mystery a little while longer, Alexander Calvert’s (“Jack”) editing skills were not the best when he initially posted a photo of the premiere’s script cover back on June 29th. Though he scratched out text, there was just enough visible for a few sharp fans to piece the puzzle together before he deleted the tweet and tried again. (Don’t worry, Alex. You are forgiven.)

Now, the premiere episode’s title is no longer a secret. On July 5th, Spoiler TV announced the titles of the first two episodes of Supernatural season 14: The first episode is, “Stranger in a Strange Land,” and the second episode of the season is, “Gods and Monsters.” I must say, if I wasn’t already addicted to Supernatural, those titles would absolutely grab my attention.

Based on their titles, what do you think we’re in store for at the start of season 14? Comment below to let us know! (And don’t forget to watch the season 14 premiere of Supernatural on Thursday, October 11th, at 8/7c on The CW!)

(Cover Photo Credit: Jim Michaels)

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