Supernatural season 9 to premiere October 16

On Tuesday, October 16, from 9-10 PM, Supernatural fans will finally get to see the season 9 premiere!

The bulk of the network’s lineup will start the week of October 7. The big exception is the Tuesday duo of The Originals and Supernatural. The network is giving them an extra week because of The Originals’ tall order of going against ABC’s Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD, which is being supported by a monster promo campaign.

Source: Deadline

Meanwhile, Jared Padalecki revealed that he’s received some of his scripts for season 9 and has started to prepare.

Even though “Supernatural” season 9 filming is still at least a couple of weeks away in Vancouver, the show is starting to get to that point where all of the actors have to buckle down and prepare. For the latest evidence of this, just check out the fact that Sam Winchester himself in Jared Padalecki is already in the process of reading some of the first scripts from the new season.

Padalecki confirmed the news in a new post on his Twitter account, while also teasing fans with something that would have any fan jumping to the occasion.

“Just got the first few scripts of season 9. It’s a LOT to read, so, who wants to help me read them?”

Many of us would definitely be up for that challenge. What are your predictions for season 9?

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