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SUPERNATURAL Tidbit for Season 10 Regarding Dean


WARNING: SPOILERS from Season 9 finale.  Do not go further if you don’t want to know!


Matt from TV Line spent some time answering questions about some of the most popular shows on TV, including this one regarding Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles) from Supernatural.

Hi, Matt! I’m curious to know about the Demon Dean personality through the first half of Supernatural Season 10. —Levana

Indeed, Dean has a bit of the devil in him — as will be evidenced by an intense fling he has in the second episode back, with a tough but sympathetic roadhouse cocktail waitress named Ann Marie.

Considering that Dean really hasn’t had much play with the ladies this past season (although I can’t really remember the last time he spent an intimate moment with anyone, and I’m not counting any time with Castiel), this might be something that regular Dean needs but was too busy saving his brother.  Of course, it would be Demon Dean who would take the chance to use his new body for some fun, I suppose.

via TVLine.


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