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SUPERNATURAL Trailer and Clip for Episode 11.2 “Form and Void”

Form and Void finds Sam and Dean separated…again

Okay, well, we know Sam and Dean kind of had to separate for a little bit at the end of the premiere episode of Supernatural, and that’s where we’re apparently starting off in this one.  Recapping from last week’s episode (*spoilers*), Dean (Jensen Ackles) is helping Jenna (Lacy J. Mailey)  with the baby they saved, but Sam (Jared Padalecki) is infected and Dean doesn’t know.  Of course Sam would keep it secret from Dean.  Ugh, these boys!

Yeah, not cool.  The baby may apparently not be just a baby, but we won’t know what that baby is for sure, probably not until tomorrow night’s episode.  Watch the “Form and Void” clip below to see how well Dean takes to a baby..

Check out the trailer:

Unfortunately, Castiel (Misha Collins) has his own problems to deal with.


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