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SUPERNATURAL’S Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster continue being “Wayward AF” by launching their very own podcast!

Wayward Sisters fans rejoice! True, we’re not going to be getting the full series we’d hoped for when its backdoor pilot aired during Supernatural‘s last season, but Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills) and Briana Buckmaster (Donna Hanscum) did not leave us hanging!  “It was about two weeks after we were officially out of our Warner Bros. contract and I just didn’t feel sad anymore,” Buckmaster shared with Entertainment Weekly. She was ready to move forward and came up with The Wayward PodcastWho needs a TV network when you can broadcast a podcast all on your own? “We googled where to plug things in,” Rhodes joked. EW reported, “Rhodes and Buckmaster warn that they’ve decided to handle everything themselves, which means there will be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to production.”

Even though the technicalities may still have a few kinks to work out, the heart of the podcast is as clear as day. “This podcast is not about Supernatural,” Rhodes confirmed. “It’s not about the fandom, it’s about our perspective on life as two friends and two women moving through this world.” The topics that will be addressed are to be similar to questions Rhodes and Buckmaster receive from fans at conventions. “We looked at things that we enjoy learning from each other. What does it mean to be pretty? What does it mean to be angry? What does it mean to be a mom?” Rhodes explained.

Rhodes and Buckmaster teasing their next big idea (via Rhodes’ Twitter)

Both Rhodes and Buckmaster want to take the “actor/fan barrier” away from them and their listeners. “We’re inviting the fans to stop being fans and start being fellows,” Rhodes says. After all, it was fans who first got the wheels turning re: “Wayward.” “The concept of a separate show following the women of Supernatural first came about in 2015, when fans shared an idea on social media called Wayward Daughters Academy,” EW reminded readers. “Wayward AF” has become its own movement, both separate from and including Supernatural. Rhodes was confident there would be an audience of fans (read: “friends”) ready for the podcast: “We still had one of the biggest fan bases in the world [after learning Wayward Sisters would not become a series], and they were still amped and ready.” 

However, this podcast doesn’t mean that there aren’t ties that remain to Supernatural and the SPN Family. Rhodes and Buckmaster will both appear in season 14 of the show. It seems there’s a good chance some Supernatural favorites may also appear in The Wayward Podcast. We can bring our friends who may or may not be on Supernatural or Supernatural-adjacent and ask them similar things [that the two of us will cover],” Buckmaster revealed. 

EW reports that The Wayward Podcast will have weekly episodes that will be under twenty minutes long:

“Our hope was for people to be able to listen to these episodes while they’re getting ready for school or on the drive to work. It’s something that can make them feel like they’re not alone, make them feel driven, inspired, ready to take on whatever challenges they feel like they’re going to face throughout the day. We want to be a part of people’s life, really.” — Briana Buckmaster

The Wayward Podcast begins next week. Keep up with our wayward ladies here!


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