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SUPERNATURAL’s Jared Padalecki on Season 10 and Tonight’s Episode Clip

Jared Padalecki sees the big picture of Season 10’s Supernatural

Variety spent some time with Jared Padalecki to discuss this tenth season of Supernatural as we’re about to get into the last remaining episodes of the season.

Before the spring hiatus, the boys have had to deal with Cain, finally killing him (yeah we know “kill” doesn’t really mean “never returning”), yet leaving Dean with the Mark.  The Mark is the ever present elephant that Dean wants to try to ignore, and Sam and Castiel constantly worry about.

Here’s what Jared had to say about it:

“Sam knows his brother very well, and he knew when he saw Dean’s face after Dean had gotten rid of Cain — but still had the Mark — that Dean was not okay. He knows Dean is too gruff and tough to admit all the time he needs help, though he has, here and there, finally broken down and said, “Yeah, I could use a hand.” So Sam is going to do what he thinks is best for his brother,” Padalecki previewed. “Sam’s been down in dark places, and Dean has always helped him through, so I know, selfishly, Sam doesn’t want to lose his brother, but unselfishly, Sam would like to help his brother the same way that his brother’s helped him many times.”

SPN - The Things They Carried - 05 - Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester

Jared continues on, stating some of the obvious that fans know of the Winchesters, but still:

“Sam’s keeping secrets from Dean, but Dean’s also keeping some secrets from Sam, and Cain being a demon of sorts, Dean is trying to pawn it off like ‘demons lie and you just said that to get under my skin.’ So I think Dean is trying to ignore it, but of course, it’s swirling around somewhere in the back of his brain,” Padalecki previewed. “Sam — not having the knowledge of what Cain had said — is going to keep on just doing what he’s doing while Dean obviously struggles with the fact that this ancient Biblical character told him that they were doomed for some destiny.”

Jared talks about the “big bad” for Season 10:

“the bad within themselves; for Dean, it was the Mark of Cain. The big bad is sort of a seemingly inanimate object on his forearm.”

Hm, interesting theory.

On other threats aside from the Mark:

“As far as a character… we thought getting rid of Cain would get rid of the Mark and that didn’t work, so [we’re] on to the next thing. We think we come up with another way to possibly remove the Mark of Cain from Dean’s arm, but it involves us running into several big bads that are all in cahoots with each other who are trying to thwart our goals, and we see that very, very soon,” Padalecki teased.

Read the full article on Variety.

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