SUPERNATURAL star Jensen Ackles finally joins Twitter



After what seems like a literal eternity of waiting, Jensen finally has Twitter. It’s about time. As fans, we’ve been delighted to watch Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki engage in Twitter antics, and now Jensen can finally join in.

The final “Supernatural” hold out has finally joined Twitter. Jensen Ackles or @Jensenackles, actor, director, husband and father is officially a member of the Twitter family.

Ackles seems to be doing pretty well so far, within an hour of creating his account, he had over 100-thousand followers.

While, not yet verified, the account appears to be legit as Ackles’ put out his first tweet from a Vancouver “Supernatural” convention he is currently attending with a picture and we hope it is the beginning of many more beautiful things shared on his Twitter page.

So without further ado, go follow him if you haven’t already!

Source: Zap2It