Surprise! Marissa Meyer To Release 5th Book in THE LUNAR CHRONICLES

In the beginning, THE LUNAR CHRONICLES was advertised as four sci-fi fairy tales: CINDER, SCARLET, CRESS and WINTER (the last of which is due out November 2015). Thanks to last year’s National Novel Writing Month, there will also be a prequel focused on the early days of the series villain, Queen Levana!


FAIREST was originally meant to be a companion novella, along the lines of GLITCHES and THE QUEEN’S ARMY, but soon stretched to over 130,000 words as Meyer delved into the gritty details of the character!

From USA Today:

Fairest begins when Levana is 15 years old and covers about 10 years of her life, ending about a decade before Cinder is set.

For years, Meyer has been telling readers that Levana is psychotic but for good reasons, and the book promises to reveal those as well as delve into her psyche and the factors in her life that led her to want to rule Earth.

When fans first meet her, the author says, “she’s showing signs of crazy, but in large part that’s because she’s grown up in a really poisonous household and she has a very cruel older sister who’s been mentally and physically abusive to her her whole life.

“By the time she’s 15, she’s already having a lot of issues, but it’s really at that point in her life that’s the first big moments of the book that start her true downward spiral to becoming truly evil.”

Marissa Meyer will be discussing FAIREST in a live Google hangout with fans on Wednesday, June 18th at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST! Click here to join in!

FAIREST is available for pre-order now!