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Survivors Take On Zombie Horde in THE WALKING DEAD ‘Thank You’ Promo And Sneak Peek

Can Alexandria be saved from the zombie horde on THE WALKING DEAD?

The objective is simple, but the risk is overwhelming. A massive zombie horde batters the walls of Alexandria and threatens to tear through the city. A group of survivors including Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Sasha, and Glenn have set out to lead the threat away, but a car horn nearly destroys it all.

In Episode 2, we learned that the car horn was sounded by The Wolves and a vicious attack followed, but thankfully Carol and Morgan were there to hold down the fort in Alexandria. Now in Episode 3, ‘Thank You’, we’re headed back to Rick and the gang, who face some serious trouble as their simple plan dissolves into chaos.

In a sneak peek, we’re seeing a scene from ‘Thank You’ in which Rick takes out a few stray walkers munching on a fallen human and does some damage to himself in the process. You may recognize the beginning as the opening to the show’s Season 6 Comic-Con teaser!

Check out the photos released for the episode, including some seriously gruesome zombies!


The Walking Dead’s ‘Thank You’ airs Sunday, October 25th on AMC.

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